A Look at Popular Woodworking Shows

The Woodworking Shows are always bringing new tools, exhibitors and seminars to ensure that every show is a different, memorable affair for every visitor. The Shows, as they are termed, have been going for almost one hundred years now. They provide the interested amateurs with all the required information that they might need to get started with woodworking. These shows have been purposely planned to bring together all the woodworkers of the world under one roof.

This could either be in person or online or through remote presentations. In both cases, the woodworking shows offer all the relevant information, advice and support that any budding woodworkers might require. In the case of a live show, the attending delegates can get to know the newest technology related to woodworking and can thus participate in the trade show in a hands-on manner.

There are six annual woodworking shows held in Chicago, IL. The first of which was held in Chicago in 1992 and is known as the Midwest shows. The shows that are held annually attract a huge number of woodworkers from all over the united states and Canada.

Chicago owes much of its success to its woodworking industry. Chicago saw its woodworking shows become a yearly event during the early nineties of the first year of exhibiting. The following year saw an attendance of nearly five hundred woodworkers and their companies and this trend has remained steady ever since.

Chicago has also hosted a number of popular woodworking trade shows. These include the Illinois State Fair and the Chicago International Trade Show. Both these shows proved to be popular attractions amongst woodworkers within the city and beyond. Attendance at these shows has steadily increased over the years and prove to be the ideal location for new manufacturers to meet potential customers.

The second edition of the Chicago woodworking trade shows is set to be held in late September of next year. exhibitors from all over the world are invited to attend and present their products. Exhibitors can display anything from furniture and cabinets to jewelry and metal and antiques to computers and monitors. The exhibits can be designed to showcase anything that the woodworking trade show attendees are looking for and are also catered for ensuring that no matter what type of woodworking there is to be displayed, no item will be overlooked.

A large amount of businesses that have been attending woodworking shows for years can be found at these events. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, furniture stores, home improvement stores and any other type of business you can think of can be found attending these events. They offer a wide range of different types of items to be showcased as well. People attending these shows can expect to get some idea about the latest trends in furniture design, the newest styles in cabinetry and design and other various woodworking related information. In addition to this, many companies also offer demonstrations by expert woodworkers and professionals who will be able to answer any questions they may have and guide them along the way.

One of the most sought after events is the bi-annual Midwest Woodworking Show. This shows take place in early May each year and are widely considered to be one of the best shows in the region. It is held at the historic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and is attended by over a thousand woodworkers and other industry professionals. Those attending the shows are able to not only view and experience new and innovative furniture and cabinetry designs but also meet with many influential people in the woodworking industry.