Barn Wood Crafts

Barn wood crafts are a great way to indulge our creative side. The joy of crafting something with our hands is something that can’t be replaced by a digital camera or computer. It’s a way to bring a part of the fondness of our childhood, the wonder of our modern-day culture and the beauty of the outdoors all into one project. It’s the “back to basics” kind of craft. And it is a fun craft, regardless of your skill level.

If you haven’t tried barn wood crafts before, you’ll want to start with some easy projects. They’re great starter projects because they allow you to develop your skills without a lot of expense. Practicing the art of woodworking will give you an appreciation for the art and craftsmanship of the items made from wood. It will also give you ideas for future crafts that you can make when you have more time.

One of the simplest barn wood crafts involves building your own wood shed. Start with a simple wooden frame to hold your tools and materials. You don’t need to be an experienced carpenter to build a simple barn shed. Many people do it themselves these days, using simple kits that are available at hardware stores or woodworking specialty stores. A barn shed can be a very pleasant addition to your yard. It will fill up with years of memories.

You’ll want to pick a simple design so that you can build it yourself if you choose. But if you’re not comfortable making a shed from scratch, there are many do-it-yourself kits available. Make sure you get one that matches your barn style (c barn, country, rustic or French country among others). You can find kits that come complete with the hardware you need, including the nuts, bolts, nails, screws and other hardware.

One of the most popular barn wood crafts is creating an outdoor fireplace. If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace outside, incorporate it into your barn wood crafts. If you don’t want to build an entire outdoor fireplace, you can purchase one that you can place in an existing barn. This will give your new tool a useful place to serve as storage. For inspiration on this type of project, you might want to look through an old barn that you might have seen during your trip.

Another popular barn wood crafts is turning your basic lawn tractor into a stationary craft easel. Constructing a simple fence from PVC pipes will allow you to put up your favorite yard art. If you’re not an artist, consider making a vinyl banner that features an image of your own choice. Use fabric paint to create a back wall for the tractor. Add hinges and latches and you’ve turned an expensive piece of equipment, which you can use to entertain children or pets while working in your backyard.

Barn wood crafts are also useful outside of the barn. You can make simple wood flower boxes hang on your door for a whimsical touch or turn a basic broom handle into a collectible soap set. Other items like bird feeders and bird houses can be made from reclaimed barn wood. Create unique jewelry with wooden beads or turn a plain milk crate into a beautiful collectible piece with carvings or other decorative items.

Barn wood crafts are useful, interesting projects to do with your own hands rather than buy or rent expensive tools. If you need some extra tools or supplies, consider making use of your skills and creating something with those tools that no one else will have. In addition to being fun and creative, you’ll find that using wood makes it easier to care for your garden tools and other equipment.