Book Review: “The Last Stand” By Lee Valley

The Lee Valley woodworking classes are a collection of hints and tips which will help any woodworker become an expert of the craft of woodworking at very minimal cost. Woodworking is now a skilled skill which can be acquired easily by almost anyone and can be mastered even by an individual with an average aesthetic sense. Woodworking class from the renowned Lee Valley Workshop will help you learn the art of making furniture and other wood related items in a step-by-step manner. You will be taught how to plan and draw designs as well as being taught how to cut, shape, stain and glue wood together. The basic skills involved in making furniture are covered in the course.

“Making Your Own Stuff: Making Woodworking Work for You and Your Life” is a quick and enjoyable read packed with useful tips and techniques. The story continues with “How to Start Your Own Mail-order Business With Woodworking.” The third chapter “Make Your Own Decorative Folding Tables” gives a brief overview of what this class is all about. The fourth chapter “Mail-order Business” gives a detailed overview of how to start and run a mail-order business. The fifth and final chapter “Art of Making Gifts” tells the story of how I started my mail-order business.

In the story continues, the message is repeated: “Mail order business – simple and easy. What you want to do is just follow some simple instructions and you can create your own success in this art.” The story continues with the emphasis on practicality of building something useful with wood rather than how hard or easy it is to build. The story continues and we are told that if you follow the directions, you will have an eight-week period after the purchase where you can work as much as you want.

The fifth chapter focuses on the meaning of life. The story continues with the emphasis on practicality and being able to see results immediately rather than waiting for something to be done. I found myself thinking of Lee Price’s “The Secret.” I also found myself quoting Price’s book: “People who are content to sit around, dreaming and hoping won’t find what they want until they make it – and until they make it, they’ll remain unhappy.” In Price’s words, “If you’re happy with what you’ve created now, and you’ve created it for yourself, then get ready to discover the next level of your potential.”

The second chapter of the book focuses on basic woodworking tools and techniques. Again, the emphasis is practicality over being cool and hip. Lee has his own line of tools designed specifically for his style of working. They include routers, saws, hand tools and table saws. All of these tools work together in order to create quality work and to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

The last third of the book details Lee’s philosophy of staying positive while pursuing his passion. In the end, he sums up the message of the book by saying, “It’s not the destination that imparts meaning; it’s the journey.” I agree with this statement and believe that achieving personal success by means of woodworking entails creating lasting relationships with those who embrace his work.

If you’re looking for a unique story about creating something beautiful, consider “The Last Stand.” This book provides an inside look at how the author created a successful business from a craft he created. You’ll learn about woodworking and techniques from a unique perspective. Plus, you’ll enjoy the many interesting side stories, recipes and tips you’ll find inside. If you enjoy reading about other people’s experiences with various crafts, as well as sharing their story with others, then you’ll love “The Last Stand.”

If you have enjoyed “The Art of Making Things” by Lee Valley, then “The Last Stand” is another exciting book for you. You’ll discover the reasons why you should take your love of crafting and woodworking to the next level. As the title suggests, you’ll be able to stand against the odds, while creating a masterpiece from your hard work. If you haven’t picked up this classic yet, I would recommend that you do so as soon as possible.