Buying Second-Hand Tools Through Auction Auctions & Local Woodworking Clubs

There’s a real rich online marketplace for used woodworking tools today, and many of them can still outlast many of the brand new ones even though they’re used and serviced correctly when they’re purchased new. This ultimate guide is going to go over exactly how to decide which tools are appropriate to purchase, how to spot quality secondhand equipment, and what you’ll need from the prospective seller in order to be sure that you’re getting a bargain. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker who needs a few new tools or you’re brand new to the world of woodworking, this detailed and easy-to-read manual should help you make a decision about which equipment to buy today. It’s really easy to find quality used equipment if you know where to look, so let’s get started.

When shopping for used woodworking tools online, first thing you want to do is find the right website. There are literally dozens of them on the internet today, so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate one that has what you’re looking for. The internet is also a great place to read reviews from other shoppers and even hear what experts have to say about the different types of tools available on the market today. But there’s a certain way to finding the right used woodworking tools that will make your shopping experience that much easier, and that’s by knowing exactly what you want. So let’s take a look at just that: what exactly are you looking for?

First of all, when it comes to buying used woodworking tools online, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right tool for the job. Don’t assume that because a tool has been “used” that it no longer works – sometimes it’s simply outdated and doesn’t work as well as it did when it was first purchased. Check the warranty information on the tool to make sure that it still has full working order, and that it hasn’t been modified in any way (by the buyer or seller). If there are any alterations made, make sure that they have been noted and also that they are under the same brand name as the tool you’re looking for.

Some websites specialize in selling used woodworking tools and other items, which means they can provide great deals that other vendors can’t. But be careful when shopping around for quality – some sites will sell for ridiculously low prices, but they’ll only be using cheap materials and inferior craftsmanship. Before purchasing anything, make sure that you know the price range of the product you are looking at, so you’ll know whether you’re getting a great deal or not.

One of the best places to buy used woodworking tools is through the classified ads in your local paper. Sometimes they’ll list tools that have been seized by auction companies, or those that the police or state police have seized as a result of someone breaking the law. Because the items are sold on an ad-hoc basis, they may not have a price attached to them. Because everyone who sells items through classifieds may not have the item for sale all of the time, the price of one might be rather high compared to another. But if you’re buying used woodworking tools through a local woodworking clubs or an auction company, you stand a much better chance of getting a great bargain on the product.

When buying used tools through auction companies, make sure you research any company thoroughly before buying anything from them. Do some research online at the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has complained about the company in the past. If you live in the area, talk to other homeowners and see if they have heard anything or not. Once you have a good feeling about the company, it makes it easier to negotiate a price.

When buying second-hand tools through an auction company, remember to bring along a list of questions that you want answers to when making your purchase. Be prepared to ask what kind of guarantee there is on the used tools. Are they covered by the manufacturers warranty? Does the company ship the used tools in a case? Be sure that the questions you have prepared for the auction employee can be answered clearly before the auction.

Purchasing a quality used tool means you’ve purchased a tool that works as described. That’s why it’s important to ask these questions before making a purchase. Remember to go to your local woodworking clubs or the Better Business Bureau to check out any company you’re thinking of buying from. And most importantly, always negotiate the price with the seller before the sale. Good luck with your used woodworking project!