Choosing From Among the Wusthof Series of Woodworking Gloves

If you are into woodworking and have a knack for tools, you need woodworking gloves. It’s an unavoidable part of being a woodworker. If you don’t have them, you’ll risk your hands from being damaged by flying splinters or just simply not working as well as you should. You may think that it doesn’t matter what brand or type you get, but trust me, it does. Here are 5 of the top woodworking gloves available on amazon:

Ironclad Rancher Work Gloves – This hand tool is an excellently made hand tool for racking, cutting, forming and sizing hardwood and softwoods. These gloves are made of thick rubberized leather and lined with foam for maximum protection from abrasion and moisture. They have elasticized cuffs and have finger holes to make it easy to manipulate tasks in your woodworking area. It also comes with a carrying case and pouch.

Handyman’s Carpentry Gloves – This type of woodworking gloves is a must-have. It is made of a thick wool glove liner with interwoven fingertips for ease of manipulation. It is washable and has Velcro wrist straps to make it easier to carry around and easier to work with. There are several styles to choose from:

The Artisan’s Woodworking Gloves – This type of hand tool is a great addition to your own set of woodworking gloves. It features interwoven fingers which allow for ease of manipulation. It also has a palm heel which makes it more comfortable and adds extra support to your wrists. The glove has a flexible foam hand protector to protect your hands.

Keying Bandit Leather – It has all the features you would want in the best woodworking gloves. It comes in several different styles with different colors to choose from. It is ergonomically designed to make it easier to manipulate small tools. It has washable linings that are machine washable, and has DuraLite fingertips that are puncture resistant for maximum safety.

The Dexter Maxi Leather – These gloves are made of industrial strength material that is flexible and durable enough to handle any task you throw at them. The exterior has a bright red lining to give it a sense of style. The interior is lined with soft fleece for ultimate dexterity. The interior has a flexible yet durable exterior that will keep your woodworking gloves in great condition for years to come.

The Black Maxi Leather – This pair of gloves are made from thick leather for comfort and perform like no other. The dual stitching on these gloves provide maximum dexterity and comfort while still providing a very ergonomic fit. The fingertips have been divided into three separate sections, providing better dexterity and comfort. The palm grip section of the gloves has been designed to work with any one hand, while remaining ergonomic and comfortable.

The Argyll & Bullseye Pro Series – Made to provide the ultimate in protection and comfort. They feature an argyll & bullseye shield that covers the knuckle region for maximum dexterity protection and a one-piece finger guard that includes a finger pad that includes two fingers of each side for balance. They also come with a thumb stud that can be used for balance, and a V-Bar finger guard for added protection. The V-Bar allows for increased dexterity and stability when applying pressure on the blade. They also include a special black rubberized insert that includes an anti scratch lip for added comfort.

The Spyderco Answepper – These gloves feature an advanced finger guard design for both dexterity and protection. The Answepper provides ample coverage for both the pinky and the thumb. The synthetic material helps to reduce sensitivity, while providing a super grip. An additional thumb ring is provided to help with balance and a slight decrease in flexibility.

The Wusthof Classic Elite Collection – These gloves are made with a traditional stitch and tear construction. The construction of this pair of gloves makes them ideal for any do it yourself type, or for more experienced woodworkers and hobbyists. The liner fabric is washable, and includes an abrasion resistant coating that resists scratches and abrasions. They offer an 8-way nonslip grip that provides complete control during projects, and the inside is lined for comfort and convenience.

The Diamond Waffle Web – Made from an advanced wool blend, this glove is very comfortable to wear. While the webbing offers a firm, yet flexible grip, there is no flexing of the hand, which minimizes wrist movement. The closed cell memory foam provides excellent support and maximum comfort. This glove also offers a non-slip grip that is great for working on projects, or for protecting the hand from accidental bumps and scrapes.