Clamps For Woodworking – Get The Best Clamps For Woodworking

There are many different brands and types of clamps on the market today. There is a type of clamp that is made to work with certain types of wood and other types of wood may need a different type of clamp. So it is vital to have the best clamps for woodworking before you spend your time, money and energy building projects using the wrong clamps. Here are some clamps for woodworking that will work well with various types of wood and you will want to know what type of clamp will work best for you.

Snap-On Clamps-These clamps are great because they allow you to install them quickly and easily in any situation where a traditional clamp would not work best. The snap on design of these clamps is what allows them to snap onto any smooth surface without having to remove the wood from the surface to install the clamp. You simply place the clamp over the piece of wood and use the quick release lever to snap the clamp on. They will usually work best on soft woods, although you can find clamps made specifically for hardwoods as well.

Locking Clamps-The best clamps for woodturners are locks that keep the wood from turning. This is extremely important if you are doing tight and detailed work on the wood. These types of clamps are extremely strong and sturdy so you do not need to worry about them coming off when you apply pressure to the wood. When you apply pressure to the clamp you will cause the lock to close and you will not be able to get the wood turned again until you remove the lock and take the clamp off. Most of these are precision engineered and are extremely reliable.

Snap-On Clamps-This type of clamp is just like the locking clamp, but it does not need to be locked shut. All you do is just put pressure on the clamp and it snaps closed. It works best on thinner and lighter pieces of wood. You will however have difficulty using these clamps on very thick materials. This type of clamp is also used most often by a turning professional since they are great for tight areas.

Slip-Joint Clamps-This is an excellent type of clamp for a variety of situations. You can apply a variety of different styles of joint and it will hold tightly onto the wood while resisting loosening up after use. Because the slip joint is on a pivot, it makes it much easier to secure the piece to the table. The best clamps for woodturners use this type of joint the most often because it is versatile and convenient.

Combination Cushion Clamps-A combination clamp is basically a combination lock and a clamp. You use the lock to close the combination ring and then use the clamp to close the lock. You will find that these are one of the best clamps out there. Many turners use this style because they are versatile and can be used for a variety of situations. They are also commonly used on cabinet pieces. You should know that the combination rings often need to be replaced but you shouldn’t have any issues with them holding strong and holding on.

Power Couple Cushion Clamps-These are by far the most versatile and frequently used type of clamps for woodturners. You will find that you have a lot of options available with this style. They are most commonly used for furniture pieces but can also be used to secure different types of accessories to work pieces. The best clamps are those that are used by the turner as they are usually made of a very durable metal. These are also some of the most flexible and safe to use as well.

It is important that you research clamps so that you will know which type will best suit your needs and preferences. There are literally thousands of different types and you want to make sure that you get one that fits in properly with your current situation. Most metal clamps can be separated into three groups. The first group contains those that are commonly used with screws and bolts while the second group consists of those that work with nails. It is important to know which group you are going to be using so that you can get the best clamps for woodworking.