DIY Wooden Bird Feeders Plans – Perky Pet Birds Will Be Right Around The Corner

DIY wooden bird feeders can be a great alternative to buying commercial bird feeders. But, before you buy any wooden feeder kits, you should make sure you know what you’re getting. There are many kits out there but not all of them are made the same. Here’s what you should look for.

Wood pigeon feeders are especially good if you live in an area with a lot of pigeons. The wood adds warmth, which keeps the pigeons warmer during winter and cooler during summer. The white coloring of wood also makes it easier to spot birds feeding from the feeders.

Wood pigeon feeders are not just for people living in arid areas. You can get them for pets as well. They make a great addition to a fenced in yard. There are many wood pigeon feeder designs that have perches that go all the way across the top of the platform. This is a good design because the birds will nest in the platform and it will keep them off the grass and weeds.

Wooden bird feeders can also be used outdoors for attracting birds. If you have flowers near your home, this is a great place to use them. Since the pigeons will love to eat the flowers, you’ll have a lot more birds at your house. And, they will be happier because they don’t have to travel all around.

If you have a large garden, there is no reason not to have a wood-fed bird feeder there. This will also attract more wild birds. But, you still need to build the platform. To make this easy, you should follow DIY wooden bird feeders plans. Then, when you’re done, you can just set the platform up anywhere. It can be on a deck, porch or even in your front yard.

DIY wooden feeders save you a lot of money. You can purchase a bird feeder already made. These are much more expensive than ones you build. But, you’ll get better craftsmanship and satisfaction in the end. Plus, you can create something unique to use in your backyard.

DIY wooden bird feeders give you many advantages. Because of the way they are made, you can reduce clean-ups from your yard. When you have a bird feeder, you won’t see birds droppings on your lawn. Also, if you have a wooden bird feeder, you won’t have to worry about predators like foxes, raccoons and weasels eating your little birds. They will leave your seed alone.

There are a lot of advantages to building your own birdhouse with DIY wooden feeders plans. You’ll save money, have pride in your creation and can easily find plans for any type of wooden feeder. You can build one that looks like it was part of your own home. You might even want to pass your new creation out to friends as a great gift. Check out the links below to see what a free feeder plans easy step by step guide has to offer.

Birdhouses and bird feeders are a great attraction for birds and can be very useful to you in keeping pigeons away. Pigeons are pests to lawns and gardens. They will destroy your garden plants and even chew up your grass clippings and seeds. You really do not want to have to put up with this nuisance so download one of the DIY wooden bird feeder plans below to build your own DIY bird feeders.

There are a ton of benefits to building your own birdhouse. The free DIY feeder plans easy step by step guide will show you how. You will get some free birdhouse designs to get your start. You can build a bird house for any size birds you want to attract. You can also create a larger version by purchasing a ready made one or making one from scratch.

You will find that these wooden feeders plans are easy to make and will have you perky pet birds near you all year round. Get started today. Download one of the many diy wooden feeder plans below. Get one that best fits your needs and then get to work on it. Get free birdhouse plans and instructions that will show you exactly how to build your very own DIY bird feeders that actually look amazing in the backyard.