Dollar Tree Wood Crafts

Do you like using dollar tree pieces in crafts? I do. You can buy these dollar tree decorations in dollar stores, craft stores, and online. They make great centerpieces or they can be used in crafts and even for home decorating. Here is a look at some of the many dollar tree craft ideas that you can create.

One idea is to use dollar trees to make a craft ornament. You can cut out different designs and shapes and then glue them onto dollar trees. These can then be placed on walls, tables, and even just used as decoration on your counter top. This is a great idea for Christmas and Halloween crafts as well as for any time of year.

Another popular craft idea is to make little candles from dollar trees. These are often called candle apple tree crafts and are very easy to make. For these crafts you will need a couple of dollars trees, wax, wire, and hot glue. Cut out different shapes and sizes of apples and then glue them onto each other so that they are a little larger than the actual size of the dollar tree. You can even put stars or pine cones in the glass jar to give it an authentic look.

If you want to have a little more of a challenge with your dollar tree crafts, you can try making birdhouse candles. For these crafts you will need hot glue, hot wax, and birdhouse paper. The idea is to fill the glass jar with water and let the bees fill the rest of the jar with hot glue and hot wax. Once the glue dries, you can simply stick the candles in the holes and they are ready to light up.

To make cookie dough flowers, you will need some cookie dough, white wax, and beeswax. First you will take some ordinary cookie dough and roll it out into a circle. Then you will dip it into the wax. Next you will pipe flowers onto the top and bottom of the cookie dough. Be sure to pipe the flowers in a straight line rather than in an irregular pattern.

Another very fun craft idea is to make little books with a CD player. First you will make a book and cover it with a plain colored piece of fabric. Then you will attach a CD to the front and write the words onto the back. People will love to listen to your craft and you can make extra copies of the same book over again. This makes a great craft for people of all ages.

Last but not least, one of the best dollar trees are those that can be carved. If you like to collect small toys and games, then a dollar tree would make an interesting display. For this type of craft you will need hot glue, some wood, small tiles, and glass. First you will need to figure out where you want to place the glass on the table and where you want the hot glue to go. Once you have that figured out you can start to cut the toys and the tiles to fit.

One last tip for all the dollar trees that you make: you can use them as a centerpiece at a party or just for your home. If you have a party where you will be serving cookies, candies, or whatever, it is a great idea to set up a few extra tables with these crafts. Then all your guests will have a nice place to sit and eat. Some people even make these tables into small play tables so that they have something to do when they get home. These are just a few creative ideas for dollar trees that you can use for your next party or just for keeping around the house.