Easy Wood Working Projects For Kids and Teens

What are some easy DIY wood working projects that can help you get your first two fingers in the air and earn a little money along the way? You may think that these projects are too easy to be true. Some people will tell you that you need tools that cost thousands of dollars to make simple items. The truth is that these simple, yet useful, woodworking projects can be fun projects that even beginners can tackle.

There are a variety of easy DIY woodworking projects that anyone can do. These projects range from toys, jewelry, decorations, furniture and many other easy items that are perfect for kids or adults to work with. All you need to do is invest a little time to get started and you’ll soon have the tools that you need to start building on whatever project you choose.

If you want something that is fairly easy to make but that doesn’t require expensive tools, consider making bird houses. They are easy wood working projects that can even be fun for kids to do. The materials needed to make bird house are cardboard, bird seed, wire and a little paint. To make a larger one, use a bird house plan or draw a bird house design on graph paper. Paint them in different colors and the kids can help you create the house.

People enjoy doing decorations at their parties and get togethers. Decorations can consist of hanging baskets with string lights attached, picture frames with lights attached, candles and flowers, and many other fun ideas. To make them easy to find and start using, buy a bunch of the same type of item so that you have them on hand all the time. When the party is over, just hang them up somewhere or store them in the fridge. It’s that easy!

Kids love playing with blocks. Try building your own wooden block puzzles or projects. They will get a kick out of it will be easy for you to pass the time while you work on your woodworking. You can also use blocks of wood and twist them into simple shapes, such as circles and squares.

Everyone loves to hear the sound of chipping, cracking and knocking. This is one of the easiest woodworking projects to make because all you need is some small block of wood, a mallet or hammer and a few nails or screws. You can easily make a board with a chalkboard pattern and make some chalkboards for the kids to write on. Make sure you protect them from the loud noise and let them write on them with markers or crayons.

Need something easy to clean? Try cleaning birdhouses or bird feeders. A cloth bag with water and vinegar may be all you need to clean them. For the frame and the stand, you can use cork and foam.

The Internet provides you with hundreds of easy to follow plans that you can use. You just have to print them out and follow the instructions to create your projects. One of the most popular woodworking project ideas is the birdhouse. It is an excellent learning tool for children. You can also print designs that you find online and bring them with you to the lumber store to make your own birdhouse.

Did you know that you can build your own tree house? This can also be an easy wood working project’s idea. You will only need to find a simple plan and follow the steps to build your own tree house. It doesn’t take long before you can create something beautiful to adorn your yard.

Do you want something to display? Do you have boxes, pots, racks and other containers sitting around your house that you don’t know where to put them? Then, consider displaying them on shelves. You can purchase hooks or screws to hang your items and then create a focal point in your yard with your easy wood working projects.

Easy wood working projects help children realize their potential as they develop their artistic skills. Children love to work with their hands and with the help of books, manuals, and resources they can transform their projects into something very beautiful. If you are struggling with the difficulty of some of the projects, don’t give up. With time and patience you can master this challenging hobby.