Finding the Right Woodworking Guild in Your Town

Whether you have been doing woodworking for years or are just getting started there is one thing that is a must in your arsenal: a woodworking guild. Not only does joining a woodworking guild provide with camaraderie woodworkers but it also provides with the tools, knowledge and resources needed to succeed in your craft. Whether it’s the start of your career or looking to make a new beginning the right woodworking guild will help you in every aspect of your hobby. So what is a woodworking guild? A woodworking guild is a group of woodworkers who meet regularly to share ideas, make projects, and discuss woodworking topics.

The first tool in any woodworking guild is the BCcanada. The BCcanada is a Canadian registration number used to identify woodworkers in Canada. If you have moved to Canada and are unsure of your crafting skill be sure to use the number BCcanada and register with the Canadian Red Cross or other national organizations. It is important to remember that all members of a woodworking guild should be registered with the Canadian Red Cross so be sure to do so before your turn in.

Another great resource for woodworkers in Canada is the Wabash Valley Workshop. Formed in 1974 the WVW is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing its members with information, training and opportunities for networking in Wabash Valley. Many of the WVW members are also current or former lumberjacks and carpenters who have shared their passion for working with wood in the Wabash Valley. Joining a WVW is like being part of a family. There is a warm inviting community of people that you would be proud to share your business with, and this can include a lot of people who have a passion for helping you build your business.

Joining a guild is not easy, but it is worth it in the end. Being part of a club means you have a certain affiliation to a specific type of woodworkers. If you have the time, you can go out and find the clubs in your area. Clubs are usually located on the web, and a quick search will provide you with contact information. If you don’t have the time or desire to look for a specific club, there are many websites that cater to the type of woodcarver you are looking for. The internet is also a great resource for finding local events.

A second place that has been successful for both beginners and experienced woodworkers in the capital area is the IL2IL website. IL2IL stands for “Inner Circle Membership” and it is a membership site designed to bring together individuals who share similar passions for woodworking. Many IL2IL members are carpenters, but not all of them. IL2IL provides everything needed to get started including meetings, message boards, e-mail, discussion forums, group photos, and even a membership shop so you don’t have to leave your home.

Building a network of fellow woodworkers is extremely important to the progression of your woodworking career. Joining a woodworking’s guild is one way to begin this networking avenue. Once you’ve decided which woodworking method is right for you, or if you are just in the early stages of exploring woodworking as a hobby, a simple internet search will produce a wealth of information about this avenue.

A third option is to join a woodworking guild. Joining a woodworkers guild is similar to joining any club, except that instead of joining a specific company or supplier, you become a member of an entire organization. One of the benefits of being a member of a club is having access to shared resources and tools. Joining a woodworkers guild in New Hampshire is just like meeting other woodworkers from around the country. If you have questions or want to find a specific type of woodworking project, a simple search on the internet will show dozens of providers in the region.

By opening your mind to other possibilities, like joining a national club, you are not limiting yourself to only the things you love – you’re expanding your horizons. One of the best parts about starting a woodworking business is having regular meetings in your shop. The first meeting of the year for the New England Woodworkers Guild ( NHWG) is October 19th, from 6 to 8 PM at the Annapolis Woodworkers Club. This meeting will involve short talks by the committee members, a presentation by a speaker and answered questions from the audience. Regular meetings such as these, held monthly through the year, allow woodturners in New Hampshire and across the country to get together regularly and work on projects, get together with other turners, and network among other woodworkers.