How to Create an Effective Woodworking Shop Layout

Whether you are just beginning to build a woodworking shop or have been doing it for years, having a well thought out and organized shop layout can save you time and money on the materials and supplies you buy. Small woodworking shop layout is important to allow you all the space you require to run some of your most basic equipment. This article will be talking about setting up shop in an empty car garage space. If put together correctly, this could create a great little woodworking shop for beginners to work out at. After reading this article you should be ready to set up shop in your own empty garage.

Most woodworking shop layouts start out being very small. You only need enough room to set up a table for your table saw and perhaps some lathes and saws. However, if you build a more permanent structure, you may want to include benches and perhaps even a small table for your tools on the side or front. Also, consider how much storage you need. You don’t want to be constantly reaching for things, but rather have a good organized system for finding them when you need them.

When setting up your small woodworking shop layout, remember to keep in mind what type of equipment you will buy. For example, if you are going to buy bench top fences, you want to make sure they are either solid wood or have some type of rubberized coating over them. The reason for that is that wood can splinter from the pressure when you are using the bench top lathes on a regular basis. With rubberized coating on the fence, it won’t splinter and the rubber will protect the wood from the wear and tear of use.

With your woodworking shop layout in place, you are ready to start working. Of course, if you are buying tools for your new shop layout, now is also the time to think about where you are going to set up those tools. Remember that with the smaller tables, you might have to move some of the larger tools farther away. However, if you want to set up your bench tops so that you can get started on small workpieces immediately, then there’s no problem with having some of the larger tools set up right next to the workbench area. As long as you don’t have any obstacles in between those two workstations, you should be all right.

Other items you might want to think about adding to your woodworking shop layout are mobile bases and storage areas. With a mobile base, you can bring your bench top tools up to you whenever you need them and you can store those tools in the portable base. However, if you have a large number of tools that you want to bring up to you and want to store them, then you might consider buying bench top tools with built-in storage areas.

When it comes to benches, lumberjacks and circular saws are a necessity. Why? Because they can help you work on larger pieces of wood, build shelves and other items that take up more room. Some woodworkers even have workbenches built right into their woodworking shop. Of course, you will need a workbench plan to build this type of workshop.

A second item that many woodworkers buy to make their workshops more efficient is a table saw. You can either buy a table saw that has its own stand or you can purchase one that you can connect to a wall. The former is easier because you can bring to the table saw up to you when necessary, but you must always remember to have the electrician build an outlet for the cord that comes with the table saw. If you purchase a separate stand for your workbench and table saw, you must also make sure that you make good use of all of the space in your workshop.

To avoid wasting too much of your limited workshop space, it is best to start small. Buy only the tools you really need and learn to use those efficiently. As you get more experienced with your craft, you can eventually expand your shop to include a larger range of tools and different kinds of machines. If you do not have the budget now, or if you are simply ready for a large upgrade in your shop, consider purchasing one of the many affordable woodworking plans available online to help you get started in the craft of making furniture.