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The work of some of this nation s best wood artists are on display through the 2021 Annual Master Woodworking Artist of the Month exhibit, which is to occur at the Forest Heritage Center Museum at the base of Beavers Bend State Park in Oregon. This exciting yearly event highlights some of our nation s most talented woodworkers and crafters.

Each month a different master wood artist will create a piece of fine wood art from the timber of our national forest. Each artist will produce a life-size painting or sculpture from one of our 50 state parks. In addition to their work, they will display their tools and provide information about the local flora and fauna. They will also share techniques and tips on creating unique wood art that displays the natural beauty found within our country’s forests. There are usually artists from various states attending the master wood artists of month exhibitions.

The centerpiece of each artist s exhibit is the “Fireside Show”. Each month local wood artists burn off their winter lines and transform them into beautiful cedar lined beavers for display at the showcase. A portion of each sales proceeds goes towards purchasing more wood for the wood artists next artistic masterpiece. Each artist has a signature style of handiwork. In addition to producing large scale artwork, many master wood artists also create small hand made items as well. If you are interested in purchasing a wood item, such as a table or chair, there are many places where you can find these items, such as at flea markets and craft shows, and also at your local home improvement center.

Another popular display at the master woodworking of month exhibition is the “tree stand”. The tree stand is a custom built stand for the artist to display their beautiful woodworking creations. It has a raised base on four legs and can be used to display an entire tree or just one small piece. It can be placed on a table top or even on a corner of a wall so that all eyes in the room can see the beauty of your piece.

A unique way to display your favorite piece is by setting it in a wood gazebo. Gazebos are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes. As an artist using a gazebo, your tables, chairs, or stools can be displayed on the gazebo and your artwork can be protected from the elements. The gazebo is a perfect place to relax with your family and enjoy nature at its best. They can even be used as a place to entertain guests.

A craft show can also be a great place for a woodworking artist to display their wares. If you are a crafter at heart and love to show off your hard work, you will want to bring your pieces to the attention of those who are most likely to buy them. Art galleries are often full of people who enjoy the arts and would like to have something like yours display on a platform. Being able to display your own woodworking projects allows you to develop your talent and gives others the opportunity to learn from you. A good conversation can be had at a woodworking event and you will likely find new friends and acquaintances.

Of course, if you love to write, you might want to consider setting up a booth at the local county fair. There are often many woodworking crafts there that people are interested in buying. While this is not strictly a woodworking event, it does allow the woodworking artist to showcase not only his or her skills but also write up some interesting articles for publication. It is a great way to promote your woodworking business while getting the word out about your crafts. You will likely make some new friends in the process.

No matter what your goals are, woodworking is fun and provides you with the opportunity to express yourself creatively. Your home can become a repository for all of your crafts as you display your artistic side at every opportunity. If you are looking for ways to promote your woodworking business, consider hosting an event where you can display your wares and talk about your passions for woodworking. The sky is the limit. Just remember to bring the tools and have fun!