How You Can Achieve The Rustic Scrap Wood Lanterns For Your Home

By now, you have some basic idea on how to make DIY scrap wood lanterns. The first and foremost important thing that you should have is a pair of quality clear vinyl siding for your lanterns. These can either be purchased from the nearest hardware store or online at affordable prices. Once you get hold of a good set of siding, you need to cut all the pieces that will form the lanterns according to the shape that you want. This might sound like an easy job but it is not. For one, you need to be very careful in putting together all those pieces since all of them might come out differently once you are finished and spray painting or gluing them together.

After cutting the shapes, you need to attach them with the help of PVC glue side posts. Once the pieces are connected properly with the help of PVC glue side posts, the next thing that you need to do is to carefully inscribe the shape into each piece of the lantern. When inscribing the shapes, you can either do it by hand or with the use of an electric pencil. You can choose whichever you feel most comfortable doing. However, to ensure that each individual piece is exactly the same size, inscribing should be done in a straight line.

When completed, you need to carefully assemble the pieces. It will be much better if you will not hurry when assembling the diy scrap wood lanterns. This is because if you rush in doing so, it might shatter. Instead, you need to take out all the nails and screws first, allowing some time for the glue to dry and harden. This is important especially if you are attaching the lanterns with the use of wood glue or the use of wires.

If you want to attach the diy scrap wood lanterns to the wall at a specific angle, you need to use small nails and screw them tightly. Then, you can use small wood glue along the bottom part of the candle and then attach to the wall at an angle that suits your preferences. This would leave small spaces between the bottom of the candle and the wall. You can also use small rubber or plastic sticks for the same purpose. However, always make sure that you use long-lasting glue for this purpose.

As for the next step, you can choose between the two options buying or making. If you want to do it by yourself, the best thing that you can do is to buy a white cotton canvas and cut it into the shape of the candle. The next step you have to do is to fold the canvas in half and tape it with a piece of paper adhesive side-by-side. This will serve as your mount for your in scrap wood lanterns.

However, if you prefer doing it with the help of a professional, then the best option for you would be to purchase some clear stain and apply it on the canvas using a brush. However, this is not a very convenient option since you will have to rub the stained material against the wall after you are done painting. It can also take a lot of time and energy to remove the stain when you want to hang the scrap piece.

The third option is to make use of wood glue and paint the canvas using a brush. Although this is a simple process, the quality of the result will all depend on the quality of the wood glue and paint that you will use. This process will also require you to rub the stain properly before applying. Some stains might require you to sand the surface before applying the stain. The advantage of this type of process is that you will be able to achieve the rustic look in no time.

However, the disadvantage of this type of DIY scrap project is that you will have to remove the stain a little bit later on. Also, there is a possibility that the paint or glue might chip away from the wall if it is applied at a very low quality. If you do not have enough experience, you might want to consider hiring professionals so that they can give you advice as to how you can achieve the rustic look in your house without harming the beauty of the wall. Once you have completed your project, you will find that your house has a very unique look.