Make a Snowman For Christmas

Snowman wood crafts are among the most popular Christmas crafts for kids. This is because they are cute and fun, and they help build a feeling of warmth and connection with your child. While most crafts focus on the Christmas theme or are cookie cutter ideas, a great many wood crafts have a Winter theme to them. Whether you choose to make a snowman with a built fireplace or a reindeer that’s melting into ice-cream, you can enjoy the spirit of the season by offering your kids these unique crafts.

The first step in making snowman wood crafts is to find a large, solid piece of wood to work with. A standard “snowman” is about four feet long and about ten to twelve inches in diameter. Some people cut their own trees from long before Christmas and build the crafts right then and there, but this requires a bit of know how and a lot of patience. If you don’t want to deal with cutting and assembling the pieces of the snowman yourself, you can purchase pre-made snowman wood crafts online. The finished result will be just as cute, if not more so, than if you had done it yourself.

Snowman wood crafts often require some degree of expertise. You’ll have to figure out how to use wood glue correctly. Most beginners fail because they over glue the pieces. You don’t want your finished product to come out stiff and unappealing. When glue is used too heavily, it gives the piece a cracked appearance. Instead, when using glue, simply blend it into the wood.

Another very important aspect of successful crafts involves the construction itself. For instance, you will need to cut strips of plywood to fit along the bottom and sides of the snowman. You can do this by using a hot razor blade or by nicking the piece of wood with the end of a screwdriver. After the piece is smooth, be sure to smooth it out with an edge sander. Once all the pieces are smooth and flat, you can then start assembling the parts of the snowman.

Start by attaching the face piece to the front of the snowman. This is done with the use of a glue gun. It is best to work from the backside, where the snowman will stick out, to the front. Glue each strip of wood onto the other, using varying levels of glue. The strips of wood will shrink as they dry, so be careful to keep gluing on an even level. It can be difficult to get a perfect fit if the piece is extremely heavy.

When it comes time to attach the tail piece, you will need to use a hot glue gun to do so. Ensure that the glue is packed very firmly; it should not break when you push it through the grooves. You can then secure the whole piece by using another hot glue gun to ensure it stays in place.

To complete the front side of the snowman, you will need to use a router or the glue gun again to make twelve evenly spaced holes on the front piece. These should be centered, but be as wide as possible. The strips of wood will slide right onto the holes, and then the glued strips will hold them in place. When the strips are completely glued, the piece will be covered in snowflakes. All you have to do next is use the finishing touch: put on a cloth to protect it from drips and drops.

Snowman wood crafts are some of the most fun you can do as a family or as friends. These types of crafts are a great activity for children to engage in, but they are also great as gifts for adults. If you decide to give a gift of one of these crafts, make sure it is something you can help them make. A snowman craft is more than just cute; it is a tool you can use to teach responsibility and sharing. If you try these snowman wood crafts, you will find that there is a lot of fun and excitement you can add to your life through these simple wood crafts.