Small Woodworking Shop Layout – How to Turn Your Garage Into a Big Woodworking Shop

One woodworker in Manhattan has been able to set up his very own small woodworking shop inside his own studio apartment. The plan is something that one has to see for oneself to understand the viability of it in practical terms. All the heavy-duty tools like the lathe, bench press and drill press would be brought into and out of the small woodworking shop only when called upon. The small woodworking shop would then be used as a workshop by the woodworker who lives alone in an old shack on the outskirts of Manhattan.

The plan is feasible because the woodworker can stay at home and use the small woodworking shop only when he needs to. For instance, when the family is going on a camping trip, he does not want to get out of his apartment and go to a crowded campground just to do some woodshaking. So the ideal solution is to set up the woodworking shop within the garage of his apartment. In this way, he is assured that there would be no traffic either when he uses his tools inside the garage or when his family and friends come to visit him during his stay in New York.

The benefits of setting up a small woodworking shop in an apartment of one’s own is numerous. First of all, the woodworker does not have to go far to find supplies. Since the garage is basically an underground storage area for his tools, it becomes handy for storing all kinds of woodworking tools such as a grinder, a milling machine, drill press, and the like. Also, since it is relatively big as compared to the rest of the rooms in the house, the workshop would be a good place to practice what one has learned in classes or from books. And finally, setting up a small woodworking shop is more affordable than having a full-fledged one in a traditional building since one does not need to pay for rent for a building that can hold a shop.

With these advantages, setting up a woodworking shop becomes a good option for anyone who is short of both time and budget. But of course, having a small one in an apartment does have its drawbacks. One of them is the lack of storage areas. Most woodworkers tend to keep only small things in their shops. But since there is not much storage space available in the small garage or the loft of an apartment, one may have to bring their tools down to the floor of their apartments and set them up on shelves, hooks, and other objects which are not heavy and can easily be carried around in one’s arms.

So how can one overcome this problem? As a first step, it would be better to install shelving and other upcycling methods in order to make more storage space available for the woodworkers. You can simply hang the shelves off the ceiling of your garage or place them in the corner of your room and stack up the tools on the shelves. By using upcycling, you can create a functional workshop in a small area without compromising on aesthetics and style. You can also add some old wood frames as well as hooks to hang up your various utensils.

Next thing to do would be to purchase a table saw. Although a table saw is not always necessary in a small shop, it is always possible to purchase a table saw kit and build it yourself. This way, you can cut the wood that you need in a more convenient way and you can also have more projects at hand. Of course, you also need to purchase the necessary wood and screws for the project. Woodworking plans can also be found on the internet for less. However, if you are already set on a certain project, it would always help to have someone explain to you the proper procedures in using the tools.

If you already have an existing small workshop, it would be best to cover the floor and walls with sheets of pvc or some other waterproof paint. This will help you protect your wood from all kinds of moisture and dust. You can also have special light fixtures installed in order to highlight the beauty of your work. Remember that any kind of improvement in your shop will make it possible for you to earn more profit from it.

Indeed, by making simple changes, you can significantly increase the usable space in your small shop layout. This includes getting rid of those bulky and heavy items that take up precious floor space and installing those power tools that are necessary in any form of workshop. It is always best to plan things before you start anything, especially if you want to improve your home and business.