The Many Uses Of The Dewalt Biscuit Joiner

Dewalt biscuits can be used to make numerous household items and there are many reasons why you would need a Dewalt Biscuit Joiner. Most people know that these biscuits can join together to form just about any item you can think of. However, not everyone knows that it is possible to use the biscuits to make something different than what is usually seen in kitchens. Here are some of the unusual applications for this amazing biscuit making machine.

Alignments For vehicles – One of the biggest challenges a truck driver encounters on a daily basis is getting the wheels of their truck onto the ground. This can cause a big problem if you are going to have the vehicle travel up a ramp or even worse on a flatbed semi truck. The only way to get the wheels of the truck onto the ground safely is to make sure the wheels are screwed on to the flatbed or ramp correctly. With a dewalt biscuit joiner, this is a lot easier to do because the biscuits are designed with grooves that will fit between the wheels. The biscuits can also be customized to your needs by cutting them to whatever size you need to get them on. This alone could save you a lot of money and hassle.

Cake Plates – If you have ever made a cake that did not come out perfect, chances are it was made with a flat bottomed cookie cutter. This is a problem when working with hot pans that melt the chocolate in the pan. However, the added use of a dewalt biscuit joiner makes this a much easier process. The biscuits can work very well as an insulator to help the chocolate maintain its temperature.

Fence Boards – A simple but very common task for even experienced jointers is the repair of fence boards. When something happens to a fence board, the only thing you have to do is replace it. With a dewalt plate joiner, this is a much easier task because it works with a tongue and groove design that makes it very easy to slide over the fence. This feature allows for any type of fence to be repaired. If you’re wondering how to do this without a plate, the answer is to use a flat headed screwdriver and tap on the back side of the joinery to release the pressure.

Panel Racks – As stated above, the primary function of the dewalt dw Lange type biscuit joiner is to join panels. However, you can also use it to join straight rungs of a wood panel. To do this, you must attach the joinery right next to the wood panel and make sure that the tongue and groove is positioned right for the screws to fit properly. The reason you must do this is because the wood panel may be slightly off center or a bit off balanced because of vibration from the surrounding area. By using a dewalt dw Lange plate joiner, the panel will be perfectly in line with the panel’s center and therefore the connection will be perfect.

Doors and Windows – One of the tasks that many people dread when they go to a home improvement store is the installation of doors and windows. It takes a fair amount of time and effort to install them correctly. With a dewalt dwalt plate joiner, it becomes significantly easier because of the tongue and groove design that provides a nice snug fit to fit flush against the door or window frame. Because the tongue and groove joinery has a flat surface, there is no need to worry about the joining becoming loose over time. With doors and windows, the door and window frames often get a lot of wear and tear which creates gaps and cracks over time. By using the dewalt biscuit joiner, you can have your door or window frames looking like new for years to come.

Fence Posts – A fence is usually a very large item. You don’t want to cut down the size of your fence because of the cost of the materials or the difficulty of installation. If you use a normal jointer with an adjustable clamp when installing the fence posts, you may cut into the material and create a crack where the post was stuck. With the dewalt dwalt dw Lange plate joiner, you can eliminate this problem because the tongue and groove design will allow the post to fit tightly into the ground.

Other Uses – Other projects commonly require the use of the standard biscuits cut by the company. Some people also choose to purchase plates to join other items together. With the versatility of the dewalt joiner plates, you can join deck railings, porch posts, steps, decks and banisters. You may even choose to install a light fixture with the help of these biscuits if you know how to cut them properly. The dewalt dwalt joiner plate is very versatile and will perform the job efficiently and quickly.