The Pros and Cons of Using Double Sided Tape For Woodworking Projects

Xoftstik is an ideal tool for anyone who enjoys woodworking or crafting because it is both strong and long lasting. Even with its durability it is very easy to clean. No more finger prints on your machine tool. The high tackiness makes it easier to cut and shape with a machine router, and it can be glued onto stock with ease.

Industrial grade double sided woodworking double sided tape which is specially calibrated for woodworking work including CNC machine cutting, routing, splicing and anchoring. Made from a blend of polyester and vinyl fibers, it is ideal for all projects. It is easy to clean and helps with removing moisture from the wood. XFasten worked with experienced woodworkers on Instagram to request the best specs, thicknesses, tackiness, width and many other unique features and reproduced the ultimate DIY woodworking double sided tape that woodworkers have been looking for.

Xoftstik is available in many different sizes and you can check latest prices and offers on the Internet. If you are looking for the best double sided tape for your CNC projects, Xoftstik will provide you with the best material. They offer a variety of options which includes flexible tapes for layering, pegs, holes, ridges, curves, grooves and many others. All edges and corners are smooth for added grip and long lasting performance. You can also get a smooth tape for CNC router holes.

The best part of this tape is that it can be removed without leaving any residue behind. This is one reason why Xoftstik is perfect for CNC router drilling, staking, sanding, smoothing, beading and many more. Removing this sticky adhesive is very important for those who work in areas where there is moisture. It prevents the wood from being damaged and prevents the glue from hardening on the smooth surfaces.

You might think that applying the tape is hard. But actually the proof of its ease lies on how fast Xoftstik can adhere to the surface without any residue or dots. Once you apply Xoftstik you do not have to wait for it to dry. Xoftstik can stay on the surface for as long as you want as it adheres and dries instantly.

The pros and cons of using this tape are fairly obvious. It’s very easy to use, provides superior adhesion to smooth surfaces, no residue and no damage to the wood. The cons are that Xoftstik may seem a little pricey compared to other brands of this tape. But then again, Xoftstik’s price is justified. In the long run, you will realize that you spent a decent sum on this product only to gain a superior result with minimal effort. Aside from that Xoftstik is also very easy to use and understand.

If you are considering using this tape as a permanent solution to your projects, the pros and cons of this tape are quite obvious. This type of tape is perfect for CNC router drilling, staking, sanding and many more. Removing this sticky adhesive is also very easy for those who work in humid areas. Xoftstik’s ease of use and affordability makes it a good choice for anyone.

Xoftstik is applied using a brush and wiping technique which allows it to adhere better to smooth surfaces and remove no residue. Although the pros of Xoftstik make it a worthy option for many people, it is important to note that this particular brand of adhesive is not suitable for use on glass and mirrors. Moreover, it is best used with a small to medium size tool. In short, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to double sided tape.