Tips For A Woodworking Shop Layout

Woodworking shop layouts have to be carefully planned and the shop must be organized around these layouts. This is especially important if you have a home based business in woodworking. If you have customers visit your shop frequently you need to keep them comfortable and ensure that all their woodworking needs are met. If you don’t plan properly your shop will feel disjointed and your customers may just walk out. Here are some things to consider when planning a woodworking shop layout.

Do you need a large counter? You may want to consider purchasing a large counter if you need it for woodworking purposes. It is far more convenient to have a large counter than to have to constantly move benches and tables from one place to another. A portable cutting table is usually all you need to handle large woodworks. However, if you have many woodworking tools this can become a big problem.

What is the most important feature in a small woodworking shop layout? A small shop must have adequate light. The workshop must have adequate light so that the woodworkers can see each other and work easily. Lighting can even be provided by using overhead fluorescent lights or low wattage lamps. Of course, you may want a lamp on your bench while you are working. You can get these at any hardware store or even over the Internet.

Is there room for a mobile base in your small woodworking shop layout? A mobile base is a great item to buy if you like to move your woodworking tools from one tool to another. These are very useful for those who like to bring their tools along to their website. These come in different styles to fit the look you want to create. The styles include wooden or melamine and the pliable and foldable varieties.

Where should you place your woodworking shop in relation to plumbing? Plumbing is an important feature of every woodworking shop. Most woodworkers do not want to deal with the hassle and mess of plumbing. However, if you have power tools and you want them to run all the time you will want to consider plumbing. If you are only doing a few simple projects you can probably forget about it and go with electric power tools.

How should your woodworking shop layout relate to a garage door? You should place the workshop far enough away from the garage door to where you can work without being distracted by the loud and banging noise that comes with opening and closing of the garage door. Of course, you should not have too close of a distance so if you have neighbors you might want to consider putting the workshop a little further away. The workshop should be at least two doors away from the garage door so you can easily enter and exit the building without having to duck.

When you are considering benches and mobile bases you need to think about your space constraints and what you will be using the benches for. A bench top is usually the most flexible part of the workshop. You can have several bench tops installed on one single garage. A mobile base allows you to store your bench top in the garage and move it around to where you need it. Some mobile bases are portable, while others have to be bolted down to the concrete floor of the garage.

Some other considerations for a woodworking shop includes shelving, cabinetry and drawers. If you are going to store large pieces of wood like maple, oak or pine then you will need a good supply of lumber and bench tops. You should also consider putting a workbench on the upper level with plenty of room to move back and forth between the two benches. The number of shelves depends on the amount of wood you plan to store and how much room you have in the garage. Last but not least make sure that you have enough drawers to store all your tools and equipment.