Tips For Finding the Perfect Wood Working Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for wood working gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. A woodworker is a valued colleague and a great friend. I think everyone enjoys the joy of working with wood and learning new techniques. My woodworking friend Steve has many woodworking projects that are not only beautiful to look at, but are useful as well.

In my opinion, there are as many woodworking ideas as there are woodworkers. Some are simply going to be great for your home or garden, while others will be suited for a business. One idea that he has been a wood jewelry box. This box is functional, yet stunning to look at.

This is a gorgeous woodworking gift. It is a small box with four small drawers and a mirror on the top. The drawers are perfect for putting little bits and pieces such as beads, buttons, seed beads and anything else you can think of. The woodworking box is a great addition to any woodworking set and you can find them in just about any woodworking specialty store or woodworking center.

Another woodworking idea is a wood lathe. These handy tools make wood turning fun. They can turn all kinds of woods into beautiful furniture like bowls and vases. If you’re more into electronics than wood, these lathes offer you plenty of creative options. They can make desk clocks or even small computer devices. This is a great tool if you have a woodworking hobby.

My favorite woodworking idea is a hand tool bow. I love having one of these around the house. It makes a nice gift and is functional as well. I particularly like it when my son starts to get in over his head. I’ve even had one made for him that has a tapered handle on the top. That allows it to be easy for him to hold onto.

Knives are another woodworking staple. Have you been looking for a new kind of knife holder? There are plenty of woodworking knife holders on the market. One that really caught my eye was one that was made out of an oak tree. With a bit of sanding and a paint job, you have a great looking knife block for your kitchen counter.

Another woodworking gift idea is a lathe. I’m sure any self-respecting woodworking enthusiast would be proud to display a piece of fine quality wood working machinery in their home. I particularly like vintage models, but there are ones to fit any style or taste. A table saw is something that I really want if I had a wood working shop in my home. It would be a wonderful project for my son to work on.

Of course, there are also lots of woodworking gift ideas in the kitchen. With all the new recipes and cookbooks that are out there, you can spend hours researching how to make things. I happen to know how to make a bread machine, but I also know other people who know how to do just about anything. For me, that’s worth its weight in gold. Who wouldn’t love to have a beautiful new table top or cook top made especially for them?

One of the woodworking gift ideas that is growing in popularity is woodworking plans. There are many great free plans available now on the internet. These allow the person that is building the woodworking project to be more of a participant in the process rather than just a passive consumer. Plans allow the hobbyist to choose from a wide variety of projects, which are often easier to build as a team project.

My personal favorite is a plan that combines my love of woodworking with my love of sewing. The beauty of these types of gift sets is that you can be creating something very unique while helping someone that needs the help to get started. It can be as simple as a few swatches of fabric or patterns that will allow you to stitch together a simple quilt. It can also be much more complicated as a multi-step project that will take several days to complete.

Another popular wood working gift ideas is the wood working plans for bowls. If you have an interest in making bowls but don’t have the tools or skills, there are many great gifts that will allow you to make a quality bowl. Some of the items include plans for bowls, chucks, soda cans and even a lathe. These give the option of making something special for someone that is truly exceptional in their field. These gifts are excellent for people that are serious about their crafts or have limited resources.