Types of Wood Working Gifts

It is not only the gifts themselves that are important but also the medium through which they are given. Whether it is by a family member friend or relative, there is a wide variety of wood working gifts for the home that can be given on the occasion of a birthday, Christmas, retirement or just as a spur of the moment gift. Candle holders are one of the easiest and most practical gifts to give, particularly if you wish to keep the tradition of lit candles in your home for a long time. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. They can also be made of a wide variety of woods including cedar, pine, fir, spruce and hemlock.

Many of these holders are designed with ornate designs that add a touch of artistic flair. They generally take the form of bowls or jars that have the appearance of burning candles inside them. However, there are several wooden candle holders that actually have holes in them that are designed to allow the emission of smoke or carbon dioxide so that they do not burn.

One of the more practical woodworking gifts that one can give to a friend or relative is the wood burl. These burls are produced by cutting a living wood burl into strips and then weaving them together under pressure into a wide burl shape. The resulting product is very strong and durable and is often used in applications that require stability. Burls can be used as handles on books or as decorative accents on garden furniture and fence posts.

Another popular wood working gift is the wood rotary vane. This is a rotary tool that is used to drill holes and enlarge the diameter of a screw. Many people use rotary vane gifts on a daily basis for small woodworking projects such as using it to make a nail head or other hardware. There are a wide variety of rotary vane tools available from many online sources.

A jigsaw is a basic wood working tool that is essential for most every woodworker. Most all woodworkers need a jigsaw in their shop. The jigsaw is used primarily for cutting shapes, but can also be used for cutting thinner material. The saw is used to cut different sizes and shapes. Both of these pieces of equipment are essential for most every woodworker.

Of course any good woodworker needs a large supply of fine wood working tools. These tools range in price significantly depending on the quality and type of wood being used. Wood that has been worked with excessively can warp when it is exposed to moisture. A polisher will help preserve the wood while it is in the cutting and polishing process. Some of the more popular wood polishers include oxy polishers and polyurethane based ones.

For a complete individual, a jigsaw and a band saw are an absolute must. In addition to these two tools, hand tools including a sander and a power drill set will make any wood project easier. Many woodworkers like to use routers as well, although they are not as popular as the other tools. If possible, try and purchase tools that can be used in conjunction with each other. This way your router can cut a picture for your sander and vice versa.

There are countless gifts available for wood working. This makes it easy for almost anyone to pick up a few useful tools that will help them in their woodworking. These gifts can be bought in wood working shops, online, or at vendors who specialize in selling woodworking equipment. No matter where you purchase your gift from, it will certainly be put to good use.