Unique Woodworking Projects For Beginners

What are unique woodworking projects which sell? They are almost anything you could make from wood you have a reasonable chance of selling either commercially or outside of your home community. It could be a one off unique creation to make into a business or something you intend to duplicate and turn into an ongoing venture. For instance, if come up with some great rocking chair design most people would happily pay you hundreds or thousands of dollars for it, if you then decide to make some replicas to sell as a business opportunity.

What unique woodworking projects sell? They sell because they are different, original and that people want them. People always want something unusual, something that is different and not found anywhere else in the world, it gives them thrill and excitement, they love to look at unique woodwork and the fact that the quality, craftsmanship and detail put into every replica or project makes it worth even more than its original counterpart.

What unique woodworking projects sell? Anything and everything you could possibly imagine and you would be surprised just how many of them are sold commercially each year. You could create small hand crafted christmas ornaments, carvings, hand made ornaments for Halloween, one off unique woodworking projects for men and women, bird house ornaments, small house ornaments, tack room decorations, needlepoint pillow covers and so much more.

So what unique woodworking projects sell? Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas wreaths, chess sets, gift ideas, children’s projects, mannequins, mugs, watches, calendars, cards, cuff links, purses, key chains, hats, t-shirts, umbrellas, picture frames, stationery, special design items for your bedroom and so on. The list is endless. You could create unique woodworking projects for any season and people will pay a lot of money for them. If you have done something unique and original, and people will remember you for it, you will not only make good money, but will also have a lot of fun.

Here are some of my simple woodworking projects for beginners. First off is the easiest woodworking project, and that is, planter boxes. You could purchase cheap plastic planter boxes at the local hardware store or even discount ones at eBay. Use the box planter to store gardening tools in, your wood tools in, your seasonal decorations in, and your books in. If you use your woodworking plans, you could easily make an all purpose storage box out of these.

Next on my list is fingerboards, and I do mean many people love them! A great idea for fingerboards would be to make your own birdhouse or a bird feeder out of a few pieces of lumber or particle board and some wire and glue. This is a unique woodworking projects for beginners idea that allows you to make many different shapes from thin pieces of wood. For instance, if you wanted to make a birdhouse, all you would need to do is buy several thin pieces of wood and cut them to the right size and shape.

Another one of my woodworking projects for beginners would be the use of rack bracelets and wooden wine racks. If you have a craft room or spare bedroom, then a rack for your wine collection would make a nice addition to it. Wooden wine racks are always a great conversation piece, especially when they are hand crafted by you.

If you like to collect anything, then you might want to build your own cabinets. These unique woodworking projects are something that I think all individuals should attempt. First, by doing this you will be able to save money and be better prepared for the future. You can build yourself cabinet’s that will look like they were professionally built from a woodshop. The price you pay for these cabinets will depend on how much work and effort you are willing to put into them.