What is the Best Craftsman Bench Vise For Small to Medium Sized Home Projects?

The bench vise is the most versatile piece of equipment for your home-mill, garage, or workshop. It is the ideal tool for woodworking and other fine craft projects. If you haven’t looked into purchasing a bench vise, now might be a good time to do it. These useful tools can make a big difference in your craft projects.

Bench vise – If you have a regular table, consider purchasing a heavy duty bench top version instead of the lightweight models that are available. Most are eight inch long, but some are even available as a twelve inch model. Heavy duty versions usually cost more than the light duty ones, but they will stand up to the same use. In addition, heavy duty models usually have heavy duty locks so they can be used on solid wood surfaces, while lightweight models may not have enough “bounce” to support the weight of a full size table-top vise.

Three-quarter inch bench vise – If you are a craftsman or woman and are looking to purchase your own bench vise, consider purchasing one that is one inch smaller than your current vise. This is because many people do not construct their benches correctly. When your bench does not fit your needs exactly, you will find yourself frustrated. One inch smaller vise means less frustration. You will also be able to bench vice your workpieces more efficiently if you can get into smaller dimensions.

Two-inch inch bench vise – This is one of the more popular sizes, mainly because it fits comfortably between your workpieces and is very easily assembled. Many people choose this size because they are less likely to be chopping, gluing, drilling, or nailing when working with heavier materials. Many people choose to use this size when working with larger pieces of wood that are difficult to work into place on the workpiece without the use of a table saw.

Eight inch bench chain vise – This is the ideal bench size for the craftsman or woman who is a bit rough with their work. It fits tightly between workpieces without rubbing and is very easy to assemble. Many craftsmen choose this size when working on pieces that are larger in dimension. Working with larger pieces can be much more challenging and difficult to complete if the piece is not securely fastened into place. A heavy duty eight inch bench vise is needed to support the weight of a large piece of wood while it is being cut, chiseled, sanded, or drilled.

Six inch bench vise – This is another size that is great for the craftsman who wants to have a sturdy table top and still be able to perform delicate tasks. The six inch heavy duty swivel base bench vice is also extremely useful as well. This particular design will work with most wood types and is very versatile. Most craftsmen like the six inch heavy duty swivel base bench vice as it allows them to adjust the height of the vice while they are working on small to medium sized projects. The six inch heavy duty swivel base bench vice is also available in a portable version that is perfect for those who do not have the ability to assemble or move a full size bench vice.

Two piece construction with heavy duty bolts and screws – This particular design is similar to the eight inch bench vise but is constructed with two pieces instead of the traditional eight inch design. The construction is completed with a heavy duty swivel base that is supported by a secondary metal frame. These designs are made with heavy duty steel which is reinforced with galvanized finish steel. Most models are constructed with aluminum or stainless steal. There are also models available with a five piece construction, which is similar to the eight inch vise that has a two piece construction.

Easy assembly – Most craft bench vise designs are easy to assemble and use. However, the Harbor Freight 8 inch bench vise with galvanized finish steel construction and heavy duty bolts and screws is different. Many craft stores stock this particular design but it is best to shop online as well as at local hardware stores. There are also several instructional videos available to help those who are assembling the heavy duty vise.