Wood Carving Machines – Types and Uses

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2010) Do you have an interest in wood carving and woodturning? Do you dream of sitting by the fireplace while carving that precious bird into its majestic flight? If so, you might be interested to know about the different kinds of woodcarving machines currently on the market. If you’re interested, these machines may be just what you’re looking for to take your hobby to the next level.

The wood carving machines that can be found for sale today can vary greatly in both cost and complexity. Before buying one, however, you should ask yourself what exactly you plan to use the machine for. Some are better suited to carving paper or card stock, while others can only cut hardwoods. Here are a few types of wood carving machines currently available on the market:

The belt sander is the cheapest and easiest wood carving machines there is. It uses an adjustable belt that can be tightened and loosened to achieve different results. This is the type of machine that you probably see in the garages of college students as they fix their bicycles. You simply place the wooden block where you want to carve, turn the knob to tighten the belt, and pull the belt back out to allow the block to be removed.

Another wood carving machine that can be used in wood cutting workshops and homes is the table saw. As the name implies, this machine can also be used for cutting hardwood, although it’s more likely to cut softer woods like pine. To operate the saw, you need to place the wooden piece where you want to make cuts, set the blade height to the precise setting, and apply the appropriate pressure. Because of its simplicity, table saws are commonly used by carpenters who need to create intricate patterns and crosswords.

A computer-controlled machine is the next best choice for wood carvers. They are usually faster than the belt sander, although not as precise. If accuracy is important, you can’t go wrong with the motorized table saw. They are available in different sizes and price ranges. Most beginners start off with a portable model, as the larger, more powerful machines tend to be too expensive for most new carpenters.

The router is also another popular wood carving machines among carpenters. As the name implies, routers are used to cut long or wide boards. You simply place the wooden piece you want to carve on the router table, push down on the button to lock the edges, and apply enough pressure to make the boards move. Of course, the wood carving machines that offer this service come in many varieties, so you should definitely consider your needs before shopping around. Some of the more popular brands include Kohler, Bosch, Mahindra and Bosch. You may also want to read some reviews about these models online so that you know which one is the best buy for you.

Finally, the last type of wood carving machines we’re going to discuss are the digital duplicators. These are the closest replicas to the traditional wood carving machines we all know. Digital duplicators run by using a computer program. There is a separate program for each piece, and you feed the pieces into the appropriate slot. Each then falls into place, creating a realistic effect similar to those large stone carving replicators. For many, the ease of use of a duplicator is worth the price; however, there are still a few drawbacks.