Woodworking Tutorials – 3 Great Places to Find Them Online

Have you heard about woodworking YouTube videos? I know I have. My woodworking buddies and I get online every single day and watch what others are doing in the woodworking industry. The thing is that a lot of these woodworking YouTube videos are actually very helpful. In fact, many of them can even be considered instructional videos.

Why do I recommend DIY woodworking YouTube videos? Because there are so many woodworking “experts” out there who are more than willing to tell people what they’re doing wrong. I’ve done it too many times. Don’t let the “experts” fool you into doing things like the “experts” recommend. Instead, listen to them and use their advice.

One place I recommend looking for woodworking tips videos is the DIY channel on YouTube. There are always at least a few woodworking projects going on in the channel. Most of them you can follow along as a subscriber. You’ll also gain access to the woodworker’s journal, which is like a magazine but for woodworkers only.

If you haven’t noticed, the woodworking channel on YouTube has had a lot of hype lately. Many woodworkers have created YouTube videos to promote their products, services, and blogs. The woodworking videos may have done something good to the channel. There are now over one hundred and fifty videos listed. The most popular, and probably most watched, woodworker’s journal is listed at number thirty-eight.

There are some other great woodworking channels on YouTube that are worth checking out. For example, there are quite a few woodworking shows that are on the internet. They include the following: the three man show, the woodworking workshop, and the fine crafts channel. These woodworking shows are definitely worth watching if you have a chance.

The fine crafts channel has a lot of educational content, and is definitely worth a look. The hosts have been on the show, and have discussed woodturning and other topics related to woodworking. They also give some tips and tricks to viewers. Another woodworking channel is the woodworking factory. This is run by a guy named Jeffery Kay, and it seems to be very well maintained. There are some quality woodworking videos on this channel as well.

If you’re interested in learning about the finer points of woodturning, you might want to check out the Highland woodworking youtube site. There are actually quite a few high quality videos listed. Most of them are from experts, and are recorded by people who have been around for a long time. If you’re looking for information, the quality of the videos are pretty good. Plus, the subscriber base is extremely large, with many people learning from these videos on a daily basis.

Of course, there’s always YouTube itself. Here you can find all sorts of instructional woodworking videos. However, the quality on most of the videos seems to be fairly poor. It doesn’t help that most woodworkers just copy and paste their techniques and designs from these tutorials and publish their work on the web. If you really want to learn more about woodworking, you should definitely spend your time checking out these video tutorials.

Another place where you can find woodworking videos for beginners is the Facebook pages of the professional woodturners in your area. You might be able to contact some of them via Facebook or you might even be able to view their actual videos on the wall. If you get a chance, try joining any groups that have a discussion group about woodturning. In these groups, you can exchange information with other members and get tips from them.

A third possibility is to sign up for an online woodturning newsletter. Most newsletters have a section where they publish short video clips that show some of the latest projects they’ve been working on. These are usually hosted by experts in their field, so you can expect them to give out helpful tips, patterns and techniques. With the high membership numbers of these woodworking newsletters, you can be sure that there are some high quality videos posted on the website each month.

There are still many other places you can look to on the internet for woodworking information. Some of the better ones are YouTube, Facebook and the woodworkers channel on YouTube. The woodworkers channel has thousands of members already, so it’s more than likely that they will have a few videos for you to browse through. Another option is to buy subscriptions to watch videos on various woodworking websites. For less than $10 per month, you can get all the information you need in one convenient place.