Woodworking TV Shows UK – 3 of My Favorite Programs

Woodworking TV shows are very popular on the television today. You can see many woodworkers at work and learn a lot of tips and tricks from them. They are fun to watch, informative and entertaining. If you have a woodworking shop you should consider adding one or two of these programs to your schedule. They will provide hours of valuable entertainment as well as enlightening information about the craft.

The first of the woodworking tv shows I want to introduce you to is “My Tribe” which is on DIY. The show is designed for younger kids and is very educational. The show will be filmed in Baltimore Maryland at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Many kids love watching woodworking tv shows to learn new techniques or just to see how easy it really is to build such beautiful things for the house.

The second of the woodworking tv shows I want to introduce you to is “The Artful DIY”. This is a full episode woodworker shop TV show that is filmed in New York City. This program will provide all of the information you need to know in order to become a successful wood artisan. You will learn new tools and techniques along with some of the best woodworking ideas you can possibly imagine. The great thing about this program is that it is shot in HD.

The third and final part of my three-part series on woodworking tv shows I am going to introduce you to are “Learn How to Plan a Great Project” and “The Woodworking Guide to Designing Your Own House”. Each of these are planned shows that will help you to master the craft of woodworking and design. Both of these programs are shot in HD and available on the streaming site, Netflix. They are worth the price of admission alone because they will help you to become a more experienced wood artisan.

The first of the three-part American Woodsmithing television shows I am going to introduce you to are “The Artful DIY”. The show features the most innovative modern woodworker, Patiments Moore. He is the host and creator of this popular woodworking show. He is a master carpenter who has been making fantastic furniture for over 40 years. You can expect to learn some very intriguing techniques as well as an abundance of Patiments’ designs.

The second of the three-part American woodworking shows I am going to introduce you to are “The Artful DIY”. This show is also hosted by Patiments Moore. The show features the innovative yet innovative woodworker, Jessica Herrin. You will also get to hear about her love of woodworking and her desire to help other people improve the way they view and make furniture.

The last of the three-part American woodworking shows that I am going to introduce you to are “The Artful DIY TV Show”. This is my favorite of all the three-part shows. The hosts of this show are Jessica Herrin and Johnnie Bowes. The great thing about watching this show is that it gives you inside information as to what is going on in Patiments’ and Jessica’s woodworking shops as well as inside tips from their professional woodsmiths. You can expect to learn some of the secrets of producing furniture pieces by the two great chefs at Nautilus woodworks as well as insider information on how they go about their business.

When it comes to woodworking projects, you cannot have enough of them. I have seen a lot of people get started and then left because they didn’t have enough time. You can avoid that by downloading full resolution bench designs, plans and kits from all three of the amazing woodworking tv shows UK. If you want to take a closer look at each of these shows, then feel free to give a short review of your own blog or website. I hope you enjoyed these woodworking tv shows UK. Why not give it a spin and create your own woodworking projects?