Woodworking – Where Nick Offerman Gains His Passion

It’s a beautiful book by Tom Whipple called “The Nick Offerman Diaries” and it’s all about building furniture. He talks about his early struggles to build everything he wanted out of wood. He says he wasn’t cut out for the woodworking business. But, he built everything from cribs and chairs to table legs, cabinets and so much more. He was a man’s man who built his own fortune doing what he loved.

nick offerman is born in Minnetonka, Minnesota. His father was a contractor and worked for many years with the US military. His mother, Rosemary, was a very good homemaker. They were always crafting special things for everyone. They always made nick’s dad a nice addition to their family.

nick earned the nickname “Fitz” because of the Fitzgerald Fishhook he used to hang on his fishing rod. He didn’t just fish, he swam and dove. He was always paddling in the lake trying to catch the biggest fish he could. As a child he was really into fishing and had even entered the Miss USA contest the year before in his hometown of Minneapolis.

He wanted to make his mark on the world, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. He went to work on building homes for people in rural Minnesota. Many of these homes needed to have plumbing and he used this skill to help his customers. He made wonderful structures and he learned that he enjoyed woodworking as well.

He worked hard and he put his all into making furniture for clients. He built their living room tables and chairs and created a whole living room set with a coffee table, end tables and a chair with a drawer in it. All of this was done by the time he was 30 years old. nick was very successful in his business and his expertise helped him to create many pieces of furniture for his clients.

As he got older, nick began to travel more and he was able to see the world. He traveled to the States and became a naturalized American citizen. This allowed him to go to college in Washington D.C. – the University of Maryland – and he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. After he graduated he worked in the Office of the Secretary of State in Washington D.C. as a Policy Analyst for the U.S. Department of State. After that he traveled all around the world, traveling to Chile, Italy and England – where he was arrested and questioned by the CIA for his part in the anti communist war effort in Vietnam.

When he returned to the U.S., he continued with his woodworking and now he produced many books on woodworking, architecture and home decoration. nick now resides in Wisconsin and runs a company that makes furniture. His business is called Offerman Woodworks and he designs everything from bedroom frames to office furniture to outdoor wood decks. His products can be seen on TV and in popular magazines like GQ and Fineamas.

Nick Offerman believes that anyone can learn to love woodworking, it just takes someone with the desire and the passion. And he says that you can have both if you are willing to put in the time. But you can also have both if you are willing to stop doing what you are currently doing and take a second look at your life. If you are tired of the same old boring job you have been doing day after day, take a look at woodworking and what you can create. If you are tired of your financial struggles and are looking for something different in your life, woodworking might be the right avenue for you to take. You may even find that you fall in love with it and you never want to leave the hobby.